Global, Citizenship, and Civic Education

Global, Citizenship, and Civic Education

The Global, Citizenship, and Civic Education Committee aims to complement the curriculum for Citizenship and Social Development. Selected themes from the region and all around the world are presented to students to help them understand various issues such as poverty and sustainability, so that they can be more socially responsible.

National Education

Students are enrolled in learning schemes to expand their horizons and learn more about our country. Our school regularly takes part in online competitions organised by the EDB. Our students have also joined the Constitution and Basic Law Student Ambassador Programme, and other leadership training courses with a focus on national education. Talks and workshops are regularly held to achieve organic integration of national education and subject-specific learning, for instance, biotechnology and food security in China.

Global Citizenship

Activities are designed to help students understand issues of interest, and reflect on how they may be a part of the solution to global problems. Different students have been, for example, joining the Orbis Student Ambassador Campaign, where they learn about how Orbis is helping the visually impaired globally, and continue to spread the message to their peers.