We believe in the dignity of the person, and therefore the primary responsibility of the school is to provide experiences that will enable the student to grow as an individual spiritually, physically, intellectually, aesthetically, psychologically, and affectively and to become an informed, sensitive responsible member of society.


These two goals are inseparable as it is difficult for the individual to understand herself in isolation, and it is impossible for society to progress without individual contributions. A school programme should be directed towards developing the unique capacity of each student and furthering the development of society as a whole. It is easy for an individual to pursue her own achievement without regard for the whole of society. This must not be allowed. 


Human growth reaches beyond the ‘fact’ level. Individual subject areas are not ends in themselves, but tools, that we, as teachers, use to develop the student’s capacity to be analytic, interpretive, creative, and reflective in her approach to academic and personal problem solving. 


We believe that in order for growth to occur, the student must experience personal involvement in the learning process. This involvement is achieved when the student becomes aware of the relevance of our subject areas to her understanding of herself and of her life. Her success must then be measured in terms of development of the spiritual, physical, intellectual, aesthetical, psychological, and affective processes. 


We seek to develop student’s capacities and to create an atmosphere in which the student can develop herself as an individual and in which she can develop a sensitivity to the abilities, limitations, and needs of others. 


We believe that a student’s total educational success is dependent upon the degree to which she recognises she must and can make responsible judgements in all her experiences, both in and out of the classroom, and tempers these judgements with compassion for other human persons.


We believe the task for teachers is delicate and is a special vocation that participates in building the Kingdom of God proclaimed by Jesus Christ. We believe that every student is a member of the Kingdom of God proclaimed by Jesus Christ. We are all members of the Kingdom of God, everyone without exception. This is a mystery which we cannot solve but a mystery that all Christians proclaim. This unique membership in the Kingdom of God and the Human Race respects the individual’s choice to follow one’s conscience in word and deed and at the same time allows us, Catholics, the right and duty to proclaim the Kingdom of God. The Kingdom of God is a kingdom of love and justice that casts out fear. The Kingdom of God is HERE and NOW because human development is an integral part of it. 

The student’s desire and drive to be independent must be channelled to interdependence as contemporary signs of the world indicate.