Career and Life Planning

Career and Life Planning

The Career and Life Planning Committee aims to enhance students’ learning capabilities so that they can plan their future as holistic persons and make the best of the opportunities ahead.

An Integrated Approach

Woven into the curriculum, our school’s career and life planning education equips students with the knowledge, skills, and attitude to make wise choices in accordance with their interests, abilities, and orientations. Programmes that foster whole-person development and promote lifelong learning are delivered. Students are constantly challenged to have high aspirations, to follow their dreams, and to contribute to society.

Mentorship Programme

The MCS Mentorship Programme was initiated by the MCS Foundation in 2006. Our dedicated alumnae from all walks of life are ready to share their experience and expertise with our students and to be their companions. Through the establishment of mentor-mentee relationships, the Maryknoll spirit is handed down across generations of Maryknollers.