Mission and Vision

Our Vision

We envision our students to embrace the Maryknoll spirit signified by the school motto "Sola Nobilitas Virtus" (Virtue Alone Ennobles).

We envisage our students to be individuals with moral, ethical and religious values, intellectually competent, compassionate in serving others and capable of continuing self-development to meet the challenges in life and to contribute to society.

We see our students as informed and innovative, analytical and critical, responsible and adaptable, moral and ethical members of society.

Our Creed and Values

We believe that each person is formed in God's image. We wish our students to know through Jesus Christ the hope and the meaning of life and to liberate their minds from ignorance and their hearts from prejudice.

We believe in the dignity of each student.

We believe that education is essential to a just society.

Our Mission

We provide all-round, quality and affordable education for girls.

We develop in every student a thirst for knowledge, an ability to self-learn, and a spiritual, intellectual, aesthetical, physical and social balance. We encourage our students to pursue excellence in their respective interests and realize their potential to the full.

We inculcate basic skills for our students to grow as individuals and in a group, to be responsible citizens with an appreciation of Chinese culture and of the world around them.

We stimulate our students to develop initiative in learning and awareness of its relevance to themselves, to life and to others.

We instill in our students an awareness of the importance of trust and integrity and an appreciation for co-operative teamwork and respect for others.

We train our students to have high moral standards, to be socially and environmentally aware and to be useful, contributory and responsible members of the community.

We co-operate with teachers, parents and society to promote and maintain a safe, healthy and happy environment for quality education.