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      2022-2023 PTA Executive Committee 執行委員

(from left to right)
Back Row: Ms Melaine Lee, Mrs Margaret Chan, Mr Jason Leung, Mrs Clare Leung, Ms Yip Mei Fong, Ms Carol Ma
Front Row: Ms Ken Cheung, Ms Amy Dong, Ms Lisa Chang, Ms Frances Lau, Ms Belinda Chan, Mr Perry Wong, Mr Paul Yu

Posts Ordinary Members (Parents) 家長 Ex-officio Members (Teachers) 校方
Chairperson Ms Chang Mee Yun, Lisa (鄭美恩)                   -
Vice-Chairperson Ms Lau Chi Man Frances (劉志文) Ms Lee Kam Ha, Melaine (李錦霞)
Treasurer Ms Chan How Yue, Belinda (陳巧如) Mr Leung Kwok Keung, Jason (梁國強)
Secretary Mr Yu Shing Ming, Paul (余盛名) Mrs Leung Chan Ming Luen, Clare (梁陳鳴鸞)
Publisher Mr Wong Sai Ho, Perry (黃世浩) Ms Yip Mei Fong (葉美芳)
Recreation and
Liaison Co-ordinator 
Ms Dong Bifen, Amy (董碧芬) Mrs Chan Ho Wai Man, Margaret (陳何慧敏)
Committee Member Ms Cheung Wing Kan (張詠勤) Ms Ma Wei Ling, Carol (馬慧玲)