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 Monthly Activities

Parents’ Tea Gatherings - A Breakfast gathering followed by Bible sharing will be held every month. It is an opportunity for parents to get together, hold discussions and to learn about the operation and activities of the PTA.
Date: 28/1/2016,31/3/2016,28/4/2016,26/5/2016
Time: 08:00 - 09:30a.m.

Breakfast Gathering

  9:30 – 11:00 a.m

Bible sharing
Venue : Prayer room

( Catholics and Non-Catholics are welcome)

 Other Activities organised(Dates will be notified in due course)

Date Activities Remark Photo
12 & 19 January 2016 Sports Day Parent Cheering Group Click Here
January 2016 Cutting of Narcissus Bulbs For the decoration of the school campus before Chinese New Year Click Here
18 March 2016 PTA Annual Dinner Dinner gathering for parents, teachers and students Click Here
April 2016 Test & Taste To assist in ‘Test ‘n’ Taste’ programme for Catholic Week Click Here
April 2016 Fruit Day Sale of fruit, to encourage students to eat more fruit Click Here
May 2016 Ba Ma Day To assist students to prepare gifts for parents Click Here
July 2016 SA Funfair To assist in Fun Fair gifts redemption Click Here
July 2016 F.1 Registration Sale of Souvenirs Click Here
August 2016 F.1 Orientation Day Sale of Souvenirs Click Here



活動/項目 備註 相簿
中國國畫班 (詳情另行通告,請留意家教會網頁的公佈內容。) #
悦讀會 (詳情另行通告,請留意家教會網頁的公佈內容。) #
正向心理學課程 (詳情另行通告,請留意家教會網頁的公佈內容。) #

 讀書會(Reading Club)

由家教會與校方合辦,詳情將於九月初發出通知。( 點擊這裡查看詳情 Click here for details.)