Supporting Personnel
Ms Cynthia Ho #
Laboratory Technicians
Mr Benny Leung# (Physics & J.S. Lab), Mr Gary Lam (Biology & J.S. Lab), Mr Dong Wong (Chemistry & J.S. Lab)
A.V. & I.T. Support Staff
Mr Ken Lai# (I.T. Assistant)
Mr Raymond Lam#, Mr Terry Cheung (I.T. Technicians), Mr Vincent Lau (A.V. Technician)
Mrs Katherine Tam, Ms Cora Luk (Library Assistant)
Religious and Moral Education (RME) Coordinator
Ms Katherine Chik
Administrative Staff
Ms Sally Chu#, Ms Patricia Ling#, Ms Mandy Lau, Ms Parlina Lau, Ms Fanny Yeung, Ms Chingmy Yu
Ms Dorothy Chan (Administrative Officer)
Maintenance Staff
Janitors under the supervision of Ms Parlina Lau & Ms Chingmy Yu
School Social Worker
Ms Peggy Tang (Caritas Social Work Service)
Educational Psychologist
Ms Zanette Mak (HK EP Services Centre), Ms Katherine Chan (EDB)
Clinical Psychologist
Ms Angela Chui(Youth Outreach)
Programme Worker
Ms Patcy Ho
Careers & Life Planning Admin Assistant
Ms Chloe Cheng
# Person-in-charge