Teaching and Supporting Staff (2020-2021)
Vice Principals and 4 teams
Principal   :        Ms Melaine Lee
Vice Principals : Ms Cynthia Ho, Ms Sally Yip

(I) Curriculum and Academic Affairs (CAA) Team :
Ms Sally Yip (I/C)
Mr Ivan Lam (Formal Curriculum)
Ms Minnie Loh (Informal Curriculum)
Ms Bonnie Chau (Library)
Mr Simon Chan (Timetabling & Assessment)

(II) General Resources Management Team
Ms Cynthia Ho(I/C)
Ms Helen Chan (F&E)
Ms Tammy Leung (Finance)
Ms Vivian Luo (School Administration)

(III) Student Support & Pastoral Care (SSPC) Team
Ms Cynthia Ho (I/C)
Ms Sally Yip (I/C)
Ms Alice Choy (Student Support)
Ms Alison Hong (CEC)
Ms Joyce Lo (CLPC)
Ms Patricia Kwong (Counselling)
Ms Minnie Loh (ECA)
Ms Stephanie Tshu (HRT)

(IV) School Development Team
Ms Melaine Lee (I/C)
Ms Cynthia Ho (Coordinator)
Ms Sally Yip (Coordinator)
Ms Alison Hong (Student Development)
Ms Joyce Lo (Student Development)
Mr Ivan Lam (School Development)
Ms Tammy Leung (School Development)