Message from the Principal

Message from the Principal

With the combined effort of all members of the Maryknoll Family, including parents, teachers and students, we have successfully launched the New Senior Secondary (NSS) School Curriculum.

In the past few months, we have finished reviewing our subject combinations in preparation for a new academic cycle beginning with next year's F.4. We can all benefit from experiences the first cohort of NSS F.6, learn from their successes and their failures. My appreciation goes to all the teaching and non-teaching staff at MCS, who worked very hard helping to overcome the challenges in the past few years.

Despite focusing on the academic front, we have always been concerned about students' all-round development. Their accomplishments, in sports, speech, music, mathematics, Chinese and English, drama, debating, video-making and a wide range of other activities, have given them fulfillment and joy. There is no doubt that our MCS girls are multi-talented and will continue to blossom in the years to come.

We celebrated the centenary of the Maryknoll Sisters at the beginning of the school year, gathering on the front lawn to pray and sing, in order to dedicate the garden in front of our statue of Mary as the Centennial Garden of Peace. We also showed our acknowledgement to the Maryknoll Sisters' efforts by installing a recognition board in the Prayer Room. Remember we are all indebted to these missionaries and visionaries. They are the "trailblazers in habits". In October 2013, there will be a premiere of a film with the same title, proudly presented by the Maryknoll community. In it, we will be able to see how the Maryknoll Sisters, captured on film, testify to their faith. 2013 is also the Year of Faith designated by the Roman Catholic Church.

May God guide us to continue the Maryknoll Sisters' mission of making God's love visible in our everyday life. May we imitate them in their testimony to their faith.

Melaine Lee