Message from the Principal

Message from the Principal

2012 is an important year in our school history – it is the year we witnessed the transition of the senior secondary system from the old format to the new. Teachers and students have worked hard to prepare for the double-cohort year.

2012 is also the year the Maryknoll Sisters celebrate their centenary. Mother Mary Joseph, founder of the Maryknoll Sisters, started the congregation with a few young women who had the single-mindedness to go to all corners of the world to love and serve the Lord. Their passion to be missionaries brought them to Hong Kong & China – their first missionary country. “Making God’s love visible” has been their guiding principle. We, as members of the Maryknoll community, would do well to reflect deeply in order to discern how far we have been able to contribute to the mission of these trailblazers.

How far have we, teachers, parents and students of Maryknoll Convent School, made God’s love visible? How far have we been able to let others feel the love of God? Have we done it through the ways we go about our daily routine; our teaching and learning; our relationship with one another? Have we let our co-workers, our families, our teachers and our students see God’s love in our words and deeds?

Have we done our utmost to manifest God’s grace by making good use of our talents? Have we let others see that God has left a mark on us? Have we sown the seeds of love instead of hate; forgiveness instead of vengeance; passion for life instead of hopelessness and despair? How many times have we grumbled about too much work, too much stress, too little time and too little support? How many times have we blamed others for putting us in difficult situations? How many times have we complained that we have been unfairly treated and that no one cares? Do we think it is all right to have all these negative emotions fester within our hearts? Or are we ready to surrender our lives to God and let God work within us, to transform us so that we can let God’s love shine and grow in our hearts?

In the 100th year of the mission of the Maryknoll Sisters, we, members of the Maryknoll community, pledge that we will always remember it is also our mission to make God’s love visible and to bear witness to God’s love.

Melaine Lee