External Scholarships, Awards and Prizes
External Scholarships and Awards, prizes 2022-2023 (Summary)

External Scholarships

External Prizes (Language)

External Prizes (Music)

External Prizes (Performance)

External Prizes (Sports)

External Prizes (STEM)

External Prizes (Others)

External Prizes

EducationUSA Academy Summer Programme

Common Spatial Data Infrastructure Awards 2023

Green Innovation Challenge Competition

Shaping Our Future City 2023 Competition

Hong Kong Budding Poets (English) Award 2022/23

2023 Fun Science Competition – Just Right There

Inter-Secondary School Green Deck Landscape Design Competition 2022

Health School Project Competition 2022-2023

Poetry Remake Competition 2022/23

Esri China (HK) 25th Anniversary STEAM Cup – Multi-Subjects ArcGIS StoryMaps Application Competition

Youth Attainment badge by the Hong Kong Red Cross

Hong Kong Chemistry Olympiad for Secondary School

23rd Millennium Entrepreneurship Programme

Student Story Slam 2023

Joint-school Music Competition 2023

59th Schools Dance Festival

Hong Kong School Drama Festival 2022-23

[Record-breaking] Inter-school Athletics Competition (Division 1) - B Grade Javelin

'Teen's Talk Hong Kong Chinese Medicine' Microfilm Contest 2022

Hong Kong Secondary Schools Debate Competition (Term 1)

Inter-school Cross Country Competition 2022-2023 (Division 2)

Inter-school Swimming Competition 2022-2023 (Division 1)

Grants for Talented Students in Non-academic Fields 2022-23

Ng Teng Fong Scholarship 2022

Inter-school Fencing Competition

International Youth Tech Olympics 2022 - IoT Competition