Form One Admission (2023-2024)
Update on F1 Admission *UPDATED on 6th February*

Interview arrangements were sent to the correspondence emails on 6 February 2023. Please check your email for details. Should you have any queries, please contact us at 2336 2378 during school office hours or via email (

General Information

Admission to Form One at Maryknoll Convent School (Secondary Section), an aided school, is regulated by the Secondary School Places Allocation (SSPA) System. Students are admitted either through the discretionary place system or allocated by the Education Bureau (EDB).

Candidates who apply for discretionary places are reminded that each student may apply to NOT MORE THAN TWO secondary schools participating in the SSPA system.

The number of Form One classes and that of discretionary places for the 2023-2024 academic year are 5 and 54 respectively (tentative; pending final approval from the EDB).

Submission of Application

Please refer to the Notes to Applicants [revised on 3 Jan 2023] for details.

1. In person

The completed form and the supporting documents must be returned together with the EDB copy of Application Form to our school office from 3 January to 17 January 2023.

2. By post

According to the latest EDB announcement, submission of applications by post will be continued for this SSPA cycle in light of the COVID-19 epidemic situation. Should applicants/parents have genuine difficulties in submitting the application forms to secondary schools they intend to apply to in person by themselves or by their authorised representatives, they could thoroughly consider the needs and associated risks regarding the submission, and arrange to submit the completed forms and the supporting documents required by the secondary school by post between 3 January and 17 January 2023. A self-addressed stamped envelope should be included in the submission as the Parent’s copy of the EDB Application Form will be returned by post for retention.

3. Via the SSPA e-Platform

Comprehensive digitalisation of S1 admission has been implemented from December 2022 by the EDB. Applicants may access the SSPA e-Platform to submit the application. Applicants should check carefully that there are no missing items in the application to avoid delay in the processing of application.

Admission Criteria and Weighting (自行分配學位收生準則及比重)

Academic Performance (學業表現), 35%
Conduct (操行), 10%
Extra-curricular Activities & Services (課外活動及服務), 25%
Performance in Interview (onsite / online) (面試表現 [實體 / 網上]), 30%