Message from the Supervisor

Message from the Supervisor

On 11 Feb 1925, the Maryknoll Sisters began Maryknoll Convent School with 12 students in Austin Road Tsim Sha Tsui. They started with a vision.

We believe that each person is formed in God’s image. We wish our students to know through Jesus Christ the hope and the meaning of life and to liberate their minds from ignorance and their hearts from prejudice.

Throughout these 90 years, the school, together with the parents, has been teaching our students to embrace life, to celebrate selflessness and generosity and to be true to themselves. In this year of celebration, we revisit the missionary work of the Maryknoll Sisters and learn about their selfless devotion to humanity. We endeavour to enkindle fires of learning and creativity among our girls. To nurture this passion, it is crucial for our teachers, managers, the Education Trust and the Foundation to have a common vision. Our partnership of trust, care and love are like mustard seeds sown into the hearts of everyone. They will then bloom and blossom, just like the way our girls grow and mature.

This year has been most memorable. We started the celebration with our Anniversary Mass followed by the Time Capsule, the drama “Silver Stature”, which was based on an old script created for the 10th anniversary of MCS, the Pun Choi celebration and more. To top things off, the Foundation gave everyone free ice cream. We saw a communion of efforts, and it was wonderful to see former students from both Hong Kong and overseas offering us their unwavering support.

In August, our students and staff visited the Maryknoll Sisters Motherhouse in Ossining to personally experience life with the sisters, and they came back inspired and appreciative of the vision and dedication of the Sisters. This year, we also suffered the loss of our beloved Sr Miriam Xavier Mug at the age of 101 years. Her words still linger on. Now, you can do better than this? Indeed, we must not be complacent as we embrace the challenging journey ahead. We should always strive to be better. Looking ahead, we will continue to hold this torch lit by the Sisters, tread the paths paved by them and build new roads and bridges in our hometown in other countries and all over the world.

God bless you.
Dr. Maria Lee