Message from the Supervisor

Message from the Supervisor

A warm hello to everyone, and a joyous welcome to a new school year!

As the new supervisor, I have the duty to ensure that the vision and mission of our school are being implemented in all aspects of a Maryknoll education. As a former student, I have the privilege to work with teachers to nurture generations of capable and compassionate young women for society.

We are deliberate in designing learning experiences that equip our girls with the knowledge and 21st century skills needed to adapt and thrive in our ever-changing world. Yet, such knowledge and skills can be misused if they are not built on a strong foundation of values. Thus, we are mindful of the importance of scaffolding values development into our curriculum.

In a stressful and competitive education environment, Maryknoll stands out. We readily trust our girls with key responsibilities and expect them to always go the extra mile. We allow them to make mistakes, so they can grow by experiencing personal involvement in the learning process, developing sound judgement, leadership skills and a sense of ownership early on. We never rank order our girls so they can grow up supporting each other’s success while pursuing excellence to achieve their personal best. We give equal access to opportunities to all girls so they are empowered with the confidence and willingness to explore outside their comfort zone. We have high expectations of our girls, yet we are mindful that achievements should come from thoughtful guidance rather than spoon-feeding, from intrinsic motivation rather than external pressure.

Such is the culture and atmosphere we create at Maryknoll to support our girls’ teenage years, a time of dramatic growth. As we challenge our girls academically, physically and intellectually to realize their full potential, we anchor them with the psychological and spiritual strength to weather any storm in life. We believe that every girl is a work of God in progress, a seed in our care, waiting to flourish. Our teachers have the privilege of being great gardeners.

While Maryknoll is a traditional school, we are also unconventional. We come from a heritage of trailblazing Maryknoll Sisters: visionaries who are always ahead of their time yet grounded in their mission to serve those in need.

As we begin a new school year, I am energized by the opportunity to join a dedicated community of teachers and parents to realize the Sisters’ vision and mission through our unique Maryknoll education.

Love and peace,
Ophelia Ngan