Maryknoll Day (20 Oct)

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On 20 October, the Friday before Mission Sunday, we celebrated Maryknoll Day, an annual event for all Maryknollers. Our students had the opportunity to learn more about our roots at Maryknoll, and how the baton was passed on by the Sisters to the MCS Foundation, our school’s sponsoring body.

We also had the honour of inviting a few Maryknoll Sisters to speak to our girls.

Sister Earnest Chung shared her experiences with the junior form students, and engaged in a Q&A session, allowing them to interact and gain valuable insights into her hardship and challenges.

Sister Bitrina Kirway shared with the F.4 and F.5 girls about the Maryknoll Sisters’ tradition of bidding farewell to Sisters embarking on overseas assignments.

Sister Shu Chen Wu addressed the F.6 Maryknollers, encouraging them to always keep their courage, stay humorous and fearless.

Sister Yoo Soo Kim interacted with our DSE Visual Arts students, sharing her unique way of communicating with Jesus and expressing the love of God through dancing.

After the sharing sessions, everyone enjoyed ice cream as part of the Maryknoll tradition, concluding the day on a joyous note.