MCS 100th Anniversary Logo Design Competition

The Centenary Celebration Steering Committee announces the results of the MCS 100th Anniversary Logo Design Competition and the remarkable designs of the winners. We are thrilled that Sherene Wong of the Secondary Section has won the overall champion!

Here are the results of the competition:

Overall Winner:
Sherene Wong (F.4D 2022-23)

Primary Section:
Winner: Anis Wong (P.2E 2022-23)
Finalists: Grace Shum (P.4A 2022-23), Grace Shum (P.4A 2022-23), Charisse Lai (P.4C 2022-23), Shirley Liao (P.5A 2022-23)

Secondary Section:
Winner: Sherene Wong (F.4D 2022-23)
Finalists: Lea Woo (F.1A 2022-23), Sophia Dai (F.1C 2022-23), Sharon Choi (F.3E 2022-23), Sherene Wong (F.4D 2022-23)

Winner: Yoyo Chan (2002)
Finalists: Winnie Mui (1998), Yoyo Chan (2002), Cheryl Fung (2002), Natalie Cheung (2017)

Please click here for the winning designs.