F.4 Cross-curricular Local Tour

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All F.4 students took part in a cross-curricular local tour on 10 July 2023, visiting various spots including the Nan Lian Garden, Chi Lin Nunnery, Western Market, Teochew Cultural Association, Connaught Road West, Bonham Strand West, and the Herb Garden. Jointly organised by the Citizenship and Social Development, History, and Visual Arts Panels, this tour has deepened the understanding of the exchange and development of different cultures in Hong Kong.

The Nan Lian Garden and Chi Lin Nunnery allowed students to immerse in the religious and artistic atmosphere while appreciating the majestic architecture. At the Western Market, students explored the influence of the British on the architecture and fashion of Hong Kong. Making Teochew mooncakes and solving lantern riddles at the Teochew Cultural Association, they had a taste of the Teochew culture. While walking along Connaught Road West, Bonham Strand West, and theHerb Garden, they also got to witness how Hong Kong has developed through the years while preserving its origins.

The Local Tour was a one-of-a-kind opportunity for our students to gain insight into the development of our society in different aspects. We are proud of the active participation, enthusiasm and curiosity of our students throughout this journey.