F.5 CS Mainland Study Tour

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All F.5 students went on a Mainland Study Tour on 16 June 2023, visiting the China Guanlan Printmaking Museum, the Space Science and Technology Institute, and the Kingdee International Software Group in Shenzhen. The tour has deepened our students’ understanding of our country’s latest developments in cultural preservation, science, and innovative technology.

At the Printmaking Museum, our students were introduced to the preservation and development of ancient Chinese printing techniques. At the Space Science and Technology Institute, students explored the latest advancements in space technology and innovation, learning more about China's contribution to space exploration. During the visit to Kingdee International Software Group, students also saw how technology is driving the growth of businesses and shaping business operations in China.

The Mainland Study Tour was an invaluable opportunity for our students to gain insights into our country’s developments. We are proud of our students’ participation, enthusiasm, and curiosity throughout the trip.