Overseas Exchange Programme to Chiang Mai: Sharing Session and Thai Tie-dying Workshop

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Three F.5 students, Amanda Lee (5C), Hazel Lin (5C) and Nicole Yeung (5C), were selected to be ‘change-makers’ and joined the program ‘Because I am a Girl ─ Be a Change-maker’ organised by Plan International Hong Kong. They were given an opportunity to participate in an exposure trip to Chiang Mai, Thailand during Easter holidays. They visited child protection and youth programmes there which were supported by Plan International, as well as interacted with local youths to create positive changes in their community.

When they were back in Hong Kong, they decided to hold a sharing session and a Thai tie-dyeing workshop for our junior form students to further raise their awareness and motivation to become global citizens and voice for children around the world, especially for girls living in hardship.

It is hoped that the participants would gain insights about the traditional tribal culture in Thailand and cultivate a sense of responsibility in supporting climate change adaptation through an interactive process of ‘Learn, Lead, Decide and Thrive’.