MCS Green Fair

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The Green Fair was totally a student-initiated event to promote green initiatives to all school members. Our Student Environmental Protection Ambassadors (SEPAs) were enthusiastic about supporting ‘Reduction of Waste at Source’ and they organised a series of activities to promote it.

They first started off with the Inter-class Recycling Competition for F.1-F.3. With the help of the Green Stewards of each class, students were asked to collect all kinds of waste paper, beverage cartons and plastic bottles. F.2A and F.1E scored the highest among all, collecting a total of 13.19 kg of waste in 5 days.

Game stalls were also set up at the covered playground during lunch time where students could learn more about recycling, especially on differentiating recyclable items from non-recyclables, raising their awareness of the seven types of recyclable plastics.

We were delighted to have Mil Mill as our collaborator to promote recycling initiatives at our school this year. We welcomed the visit of the Mil Mill Recycle Bus, where students and all staff could learn about carton recycling technologies, make recycled paper on their own and cross books with other community members.

Through these activities, it is hoped that all school members would become better stewards of the Earth.